Cutting-Edge Security Solutions 

Embellishing Safety through compulsive catalysts. 


One of a kind software that sifts through the settings and policies of the system to find security gaps. Using a proprietary algorithm, it calculates the probability of the system being compromised. A detailed report is generated allowing the organizations/users to formulate better security protocols.

This software is also available as an Enterprise Edition which provides Software as a Service [SaaS] to organizations. The organization’s policy management, OS hardening and security compliance can be controlled using one central web-based interface.
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Schrute is an indigenous exploitation and penetration testing framework that analyses the infrastructure and presents multiple attack scenarios to test security.

Schrute comes with an option of passive information gathering through social media which can help policing of crucial events. It automatically analyses social media data to point out harmful elements like propagandists, trolls, bots etc.


OSAAS, in collaboration with AI Monk Labs, came up with a unique solution to secure and simplify current security measures. CCTV cameras do not ensure security from sophisticated threats, even with a dedicated person watching the feed.

FRAG uses state of the art facial recognition system combined with a real time security alert system which not only enhances the overall security but can also automate the process of recognizing persons from criminal database.