Automate, Analyse and Operate Security Easily


O-Deter Overview

Designed to harden your system's OS to the core, O-DETER is a supremely efficient software tool that scrutinizes all security gaps and configures the system to a much more secure and defended stance. As the name implies, It deters the chances of your system being compromised through it's advanced proprietary algorithms and helps seal your information safely, by eliminating all kinds of information leaks and hacking tactics.
With an intent of providing top notch functionality and customer experience, this light and agile standalone tool is all your system needs to protect and shape itself.

How it Works?


Scan through all the system settings and securities


Provide score and actions to improve system security.


Apply rectifications on the actions choosen bt the user, to provide optional security.



Find a plan that's right for you.


O-Deter Pro
O-Deter Free
Security Score

Check for Software Updates

Check for drivers' Updates

Probability of OS being compromised (pwned)

Export detailed report into a file

Configure compliant settings

Customized Configurations based on User's profile

Update Softwares to Latest versions

Reasons for Pwnage-probablity

Update to latest driver versions