Joint Security Operations Professional

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Course Overview

With the advancement of technology and the rivalry between nations and the corporate world has risen the scope of cybersecurity professionals. The only sector today in these covid times, which is not losing its consumer base and is even racking in exponential growth and revenue is Cyber Security. According to some conservative estimates, Indian cyber security market will grow to a whopping $35 billion sector by 2025. You can be a part of this promising and upcoming sector which is going to take this world by surprise and India is going to be the hotbed of this growth. India churns out about 5 million graduates each year and this number is increasing each year. To land a job and that too a good paying one is difficult when you have such numbers of candidates and in the end all that matters is one question ‘what makes you better than the rest?’.

Ladies and gentlemen, OSAAS in collaboration with, Israel’s industry leading cyber and information security training and Consultancy Company, TripleP presents you with an opportunity to be trained and mentored by former Israeli Defense force’s units specializing in IT and Cybercrime. This will be an intense thirty days e-workshop to train you about the ins and outs of Cyber Security by experts who know the field like the back of their hand. The Training programme, JSOP (Joint Security Operation Professional), focuses on the current requirements and also aims at filling the existing gaps in Cyber Security curriculum.

Who all are Eligible? Pre requisites for the Course:
• Windows 10 CMD. How it Works?
• Website Development (basic understanding)
• Linux Basics
• Familiarity with any Scripting Language


Live classes 20th - 26th July 2020

60 hours of live classes with all recordings available offline after the session

Lab exercises 20th July - 18th August 2020

30-days access to selected labs to test all the skills taught in classes with regular doubt sessions by the instructor. Theory certificate for completing the exercises

Final Exam 23rd August

24-hr Final exam in the form of CTF to earn the practical certificate

Course Curriculum

  • Introduction to Basic Concepts of Cyber Security
  • Networking Overview
  • Windows and Linux Architecture
  • Introduction to Kali Linux
  • Lab Exercise
  • Introduction to OSINT & Reconnaissance
  • Dark web reconaissance
  • Passive Recon – DNS, WHOIS, Google Hacking, Shodan, Maltego
  • Active Enumeration – nmap, web, SMB, etc.
  • Practical enumeration lab
  • Exploitation Basic Concepts – vulnerabilities, exploits, shell
  • Vulnerability Scanners
  • Metasploit – Auxiliaries, Exploits, Payloads (Reverse, Bind, Meterpreter)
  • Lab – Exploitable Machine
  • Password Attacks
  • Linux Privilege Escalation
  • Windows Privilege Escalation
  • Lab Exercise
  • Web Application Overview
  • Sql Injection & countermeasures
  • XSS attacks & countermeasures
  • Command Injection & countermeasures
  • Lab Exercise
  • Buffer Overflow - Basics
  • Introduction to registers and their uses
  • Working on Debugger
  • Buffer Overflow exercise and countermeasures
  • Lab Exercise
  • Hands on experience in searching vulnerabilities
  • Utilizing PoCs of latest Vulnerabilities
  • Writing your own exploit
  • Obfuscation
  • Lab Exercise

Certification and Incentives

Placement Assistance

We will help you get absorbed into the recruitment process of the industry’s biggest organizations, many of whom are program partners.

Expert Mentoring

Queries/doubts during the course will be entertained/troubleshot by the field experts.

Customized Practice Lab

We take pride in providing our candidates with up to date curriculum and specially tailored practice labs.


Eden Berger  
Eden Berger is a security and anonymity consultant for many private and government institutes. He is also an International workshop tutor, author and editor for Digital Whisper magazine. He specializes in Penetration testing, phone phreaking, radio communications, network manipulation and Darknet.
Akshay Singhal  
Akshay Singhal has worked as a cyber security consultant in National Technical Research Organisation, India for the past 4 years. His area of expertise includes Web and OS exploitation. He completed his BS-MS from IIT Kanpur,India in 2015
Yaniv Barkai  
Yaniv Barkai is a Cyber Security expert in digital forensics and encryption, with expertise in investigation for ransomware and cryptographic malware. For the past several years, Mr. Barkai led the digital forensics team of the IDF.

For Individuals

Course Fee: ₹20,999 ₹34,999

Fee Includes
  • Webinar for brushing up pre-requisites
  • 7-day Live Classes
  • 28-Days Lab Access
  • Weekly Doubt sessions
  • 24-hr Exam Fee
  • Certification
Fee does not include
  • Taxes applicable as per government rules

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